What is a museum?


A museum is a place where cultural and knowledge heritage is preserved and presented to the public. Museums can contain all kinds of exhibits and collections, including art, archaeological finds, historical artefacts, science and technology, and wild animals and plants. Museums are important places where people can learn new things, explore different cultures and historical periods, and gain valuable knowledge about the world.

The history of museums dates back to ancient Greece, where traditionally "museum" meant a place where learned people gathered to discuss and study. Modern museums, however, have evolved much from that original idea and are now multi-faceted institutions serving a wide range of purposes and audiences.

There are many different museums in Finland, each offering a different perspective and knowledge of cultural heritage. For example, the National Museum is one of Finland's best-known museums, telling the story of Finland from prehistory to the present day. The museum displays archaeological finds, such as Bronze Age artefacts, as well as information about Finnish folklore and other historical events.

Another important museum in Finland is the Ateneum Art Museum, which exhibits mainly Finnish art from the late 19th century to the present day. The museum's collection includes more than 20 000 works of art, including paintings, sculptures and prints.

The Central Museum of Natural History is another place that displays various animal and plant collections, geological specimens, and information on biodiversity and its conservation. This museum is particularly popular with children and young people, who can learn a lot about nature and its phenomena.

The Suomenlinna Museum is a historical museum that tells the history of Suomenlinna Fortress and its role in the defence of Finland. The museum displays weapons, uniforms and other artefacts related to the history of Suomenlinna Castle.

National Museum Helsinki
National Museum Helsinki

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